10 December 2008

It's Christmas in Heaven, Snow Falls from the Sky...

Well, I have to admit...

I have not watched "Toy Story" yet. I am a loser. It's official.

However, I have watched other movies, some seen and some for the first time, including
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (2nd time- great...duh!!)
The Ladykillers (1st time- the newer one-w/ Tom Hanks...awful.)
Tootsie (umpteenth time- of course it's always great.)
big (1st time- slightly disappointed. It was okay, though.)
The Willows in Winter (1st time- sequel to "The Wind in the Willows"...good, like the first one. I only watched it because Michael Palin played the voice of Rat and Michael Gambon played the voice of Badger)
The Meaning of Life (umpteenth time- my favorite Python movie.)
The Orphanage (1st time- very well made for a horror film. Done by the same guy of "Pan's Labyrinth"..another movie I need to see.)
And there have been others but for some reason I can't seem to recall them. My brain's punishment for not seeing "Toy Story".
I also have been doing a nice bit of reading. I am halfway finished with about three books, but they are all put on hold while I (some of you have heard of this plan) read "The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes". So far, they are all so great, so so great. Just really, really awesome.
At Barnes & Noble, I bought three books:
Fashion Inside Out by Daniel Vosovic (one of my favorite contestants of Project Runway!)
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (one of my very favorite books...I finally bought it- On Sale!)
Who-Dun-Its by Various Authors (appealing to my Sherlock Holmes phase, this book has over 100 mysteries for the reader to solve. I don't think it is a children's book, but I solved the first one in about 10 minutes. I was very disappointed. My master plan was to read a mystery every Monday night, then spend the next few days chewing on the mystery, before finally coming up with a viable solution. But NOOOO. The first one had to be easy-peasy. Maybe they get harder the further on you read. I hope.)

I decided that next year I MUST have an ugly sweater Christmas party. These pictures have given loads of inspiration:
The guy in the glasses with a cup in his hand giving the thumbs up is now set as my background on my laptop. It just gives me a lot of Christmas cheer.

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    I am slightly disappointed in that statement. Big is unbelievable!

    but the Christmas sweater link makes up for any hard feelings!! I wanna BE the guy giving the thumbs up!


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