03 February 2009

Cutest Movie Titles Pt. 1

  • Building Bobland Bay

A Bob the Builder mini-movie!

  • Frankenpooh

A Winnie the Pooh halloween special!

  • Pocket Snails: Aquaphonic Adventure

A phonics/education video!

More to come!!

p.s. My dear coworker suggested a movie of his "cutely" titled Pony Trouble. However, as "cute" as the title may be, it is probably not a movie that I would enjoy watching. That is why it is not "officially" listed. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Not really a cute title but there's always Night of the Lepus. A classic in the admittedly uncrowded genre of killer giant bunny flicks. Who knew a bloody rampage could be so goshdarn cute?


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