15 May 2009

A Letter to a Friend

Hey babe.
I was reading Don Miller's "Blue Like Jazz" today, and he was talking about how sometimes it is so much easier to be genuinely oneself around one's non-Christian friends than one's Christian friends. I started thinking about that, and you know what? I think he is right. The Christian culture is hard to live in as a flawed individual. I actually keep myself from sharing my problems with a lot of my Christian friends because I know that they will berate me. I mean, think about it, I would totally make some of my friends blush if I really bared my soul to them. I know that keeping these things to myself only hurts me, but I honestly don't see any reason to share my feelings/desires with someone and have them look at me as if I'm a horrible Christian. You know? It is way easier to be around non-Christians because I know they won't judge me based on my shortcomings. After all, Jesus embraced the sinners and taught love to everyone. That is how He won believers to His name- by loving them, not judging them. It is time for the Christian culture to get back to that!
I just wanted you to know that you are one of the only Christian friends of mine around which I can truly be human. There may be a coupla Pinnacle girls (Rachels and Sydney D.) that I can truly be human around, but I know fo sure that I can be me- God-loving yet seriously flawed, holiness-seeking yet inherently carnal, goofy yet completely sanity-questionable :) and you won't ever judge me for it. I just want you to know that I appreciate that more than you can know. Thanks for everything. Your friendship and love has strengthened my own relationship with Jesus.
And I know I am never affectionate, so I hope this doesn't freak you out too much.


  1. This is a fantastic letter. Bravo. So nice to see this articulated in such an eloquent way.

  2. aw, shucks, bon bon. Wait. You were talking about me, right?


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