06 July 2009

70's Schmeventies.

My parents are going to a party this weekend, and it has been my job to create a playlist that includes the best songs of the 70's for said party.
Wait, let me rephrase- my mom picked all of the songs and asked me to actually burn them onto a disc. Tech-savvy, she is not.

I want to go to the beach so badly.

I asked a friend of mine to go on a daytrip with me to Tybee Island on Wednesday. He refused on account that he is broke. I said I'd drive, that he needn't worry about money. He insisted that he would never allow me to pay. I said it'd be an early birthday present, because he has never ever been to the beach. He said "I don't take gifts."
This made me sad and my feelings were/are still hurt.
So, no beach.

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I feel bummed.

My family leaves tomorrow for FL. A whole week by myself. I hope my address isn't on here- I definitely don't want to be visited by any creepers. Except for you, Rebecca. Of course.

To add to matters, I found out last night that one of my professors isn't coming back this-coming semester. He was my favorite professor of my freshman year, and he was supposed to teach my Creative Writing class in the fall. He was such a hipster. I really liked him! This makes me sad.

What am I going to do all week by myself? The same things I always do. Scientific equations, cooking, documentaries, traveling, and podcasting.

UPDATE: The beach trip may happen. The friend called and said he's reconsidering. WE SHALL SEE!

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