26 August 2009

My Daring Group of Jewel Recoverers

I came home from classes to be told be my younger sister that today in her literature studies she was required to write up a list. What kind of list? A list of 13 people she would take with her on a dangerous mission to recover some stolen jewels. This sounded so intriguing to me that I couldn't resist coming up with a list of my own, conforming to the same standards she wrote by. I told her I didn't want to know who her accomplices were; we would compare lists in the morning over breakfast.
Here is my list (in order of which I thought of them; not necessarily by rank) note: I edited #2 from Caractacus Potts to McGuyver, at the ingenious suggestion by Dave.:
1) Captain Cook
Here's your man for perilous adventure- and if we find the need to travel by sea, he can expertly guide us through the seven seas on his ship!

2. McGuyver
'Cus he can make anything out of anything, duh!

3. Gopher
from "Winnie the Pooh"
In such cases that we require explosives and/or tunneling.

4. Sherlock Holmes
Not only can Holmes' analytical brain point us in the right direction of the stolen jewels, he also has a mean left hook.

5. Mata Hari
Exotic and dangerous, Mata Hari will come in handy if we need to seduce any bad guys.

6. Teddy Roosevelt
"Walk softly and carry a big stick." Need I say more?

7. Riley
from "National Treasure"
Every group must have an adorable computer genius. We may meet computers on our mission...computers that may need to be hacked into. Riley's the man for the job.

8. Aragorn
from "The Lord of the Rings"
Possible group leader of the expedition. Aragorn provides the wisdom and strength required of a leader...and he's pretty outdoorsy. What if we were to get lost in the wild?

9. Phileas Fogg
If it weren't for his dashing-ness, I'd say Fogg was too similar to Caractacus Potts to be in our group. On second thought, Fogg was a pretty smart fellow who possessed a lot of knowledge. If we need to travel by air, I hear this guy's a hot air balloon pro.

10. Clarice Starling
Focused on getting the job done, Starling would be a good shot with the bad guys. Teamed up with Holmes, Starling would prove to be a great analytical force, as well.

11. The GraveDigger
I know it's a monster truck. This doesn't deter me.

12. Dumbledore
Provides wisdom to the others' determination and eccentricities. He also knows some pretty useful spells.

13. Paul the Apostle
Paul would make everyone mad at us, get thrown in prison, and continue to be a loudmouth. But we'll all love Jesus more!

Thus concludes the list.
If I labored a little longer, I could have come up with more appropriate people, I am sure. But this is a nice start. And something fun to do when you've got no homework and don't want to be with people. I would love to hear who other people would take on their dangerous mission. Maybe this should be a project!

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  1. The bringing along the monster truck move is brilliant.


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