18 May 2010

It's funny...

...how nature always seems to mirror the condition of one's soul. Of course, this is merely because as the viewpoint of a person changes, their eyes see things differently. This is why I suddenly see the world as something fragile, developing into a sort of shabby, cracking beauty. It's hard to imagine a time when I will be truly happy. Most of my life has dealt with things I want not being in accordance with God. If that is the case, one could say that God has been the source of my unhappiness. If I keep choosing God then, I am choosing not to be happy. However, I have to trust in my faith, because as long as I keep things outside of that, I am just as unhappy as I am when I give in to things I want that are not in accordance with my faith. It seems as though my world will always be one fraught with fragility and confusion, because no matter where I turn, I am faced with myself.


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