17 March 2011

A favor to ask

Please, I have a favor to ask of you.

There is a certain person of authority on campus who reminds me of someone and it is driving me absolutely batty trying to figure out who. I know he reminds me of a villain or unlikable character from a movie or book.

Someone who is youngish, soft and pudgy, with pale skin and dark hair. The type of person I like to call a "fungus" man, soft and slightly moldy looking. His voice is high-pitched and he articulates his consonants very well.

I find him extremely loathsome for more than one reason, but that is not why I wrote about him.

The favor is this,
Can you think of someone who I could possibly be reminded of? I know that my abhorrence of this guy can't be all him, surely it's transference of feelings toward someone, fictional or otherwise, similar.

Thanks ahead of time.

P.s. I am really serious about this. I dislike this person so much that I feel like walking out of the room or glaring at him or even pushing him whenever I have to go to his tutorial. This is not reasonable at all and the strength of my feelings interests me greatly. Also, it would really help not to be distracted by unwarranted feelings of anger during the tutorials. Please help, maybe when I know who he reminds me of I won't dislike him so much.

p.s.s. Those who know me well know that there are few people whom I abhor. In fact, the only ones I can think of living currently are Heather Mills and Nicholas Sparks.


  1. Could it be a cartoon character? I have a couple in mind, but wanted to check with you first.

  2. Mayhap that he be Snape Snape Severus Snape?

  3. Boo, Heather Mills! Now you know how I feel about the Center for Puppetry Arts....I've never been and don't want to go, simply because of a dream I had. It has nothing to do with the Center itself, just the feeling the dream left me with. We are weird creatures, aren't we?

  4. It's not Snape. This guy is soft and weak looking, with a trembley mouth.


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