23 March 2011

Movies and Trip preparations

Miss D and I have been so in tune with watching great movies that we've begun a tradition of always having something on hand to view every night. Unfortunately, we broke the record of quality films just two nights ago when we rented "Wuthering Heights" with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. I was looking forward to the movie because of the two beautiful people in the main roles of Catherine and Heathcliff. I have never read the book (gasp!). It has always been one of those that "I'll read someday" but it just never appealed to me as a must-read. It seemed too...tortured love for my taste.
Anyway, the movie did NOTHING to make me want to read the book any more than before. It was absolutely horrible. The characters were supremely unlikeable (even Juliette Binoche!!) and the way they arranged the storyline played out like some sort of soap opera. I just really did not think it was well put together at all, and just felt no pity at all for any of the characters.
So to get my mind off of the unlikeable movie, I rented the BBC miniseries (with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson)of Jane Eyre that came out a few years ago. I've seen it before, and it is one of my very favorite "movies" ever. The cinematography is top-notch, the storyline consistent, the characters excellently cast and played, and it did great justice to the book. "Jane Eyre" also happens to be one of my favorite novels, anyway.
We've watched the first disc's worth of episodes. Tomorrow night we shall finish it off. I hope Miss D loves it as much as I do.
Yesterday was spent getting details together for my big trip next week. I am going by myself, which means the planning all falls on my shoulders (gasp!!). I've booked two out of three accommodations needed for the week, just merely awaiting a response from the third. I'll be staying in some pretty inexpensive backpacker's lodges, so that will be an experience I've not really had (unless you count the Greenpoint NY YMCA, which I sort of do) so I am very excited.
I am more excited about going on the trip alone. To take my own pace, to explore what I want to explore, to talk to people, that is what I am looking forward to more than anything. My itinerary is basically this: Travel to Knysna, then to Plett, then to Storm's River Mouth, then back again. I would love if I had more than 7 days so I could travel to more towns along the Garden Route, but I would rather spend alot of time in fewer cities than rush through and make the individual towns a blur.
If you are in Cape Town and have a backpack I can borrow, that would be awesome. My backpack is more of a bookbag, and is small and narrow. I need something alittle more substantial.
That's all for today.

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  1. I wish I could watch "Jane Eyre" with you. I've come to love production. It was on Masterpiece Theatre again before you left but the last part was on the night you left so I didn't get to finish it. When you get home we'll watch "Little Dorrit". I think it's even better than Jane Eyre. The characters are very similar.


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