01 March 2011

Peanut Butter Chicken

This weekend was a really great one, filled with beaches, brunches, and lovely outdoor concerts.
My friend Cookie (I like the whole pseudonym thing) and I shared rusks (best thing ever) and Stoney.
I don't have alot of time to blog today- I have a nice big list of errands I need to run- but I wanted to say that I had a good lunch today.
I was sitting in my Word Power lecture, opening a Tempo candy bar (I spent the majority of my African Lit lecture drawing all of my favorites foods in the margins of my notebook paper- icecream in a bowl, icecream in a cone with chocolate chips in it, cupcakes, milkshakes, toast and jam...so I was hungry for something sweet) and preparing for the scrumptious chocolate and shortbread taste I was about to enjoy. Next to me sat a guy of small frame, neutrally dressed yet with academic edge, eyebrows knit intensely, curly rusty-brown hair so big it would rightly be called an afro. After I said "hello" he asked if that candy bar was the only thing I've had all day. I don't understand why he asked that, I can only imagine that I must've been eating the chocolate with some gusto. I gave a "harrumph!" and informed him that I ate all the time, and that the candy was simply to hold me over until lunch after the lecture. I proudly showed him the plastic container in my backpack that contained the avocado sandwich I'd made that morning. He obviously wasn't impressed. He began to talk about his favorite places to eat on campus and then mentioned a new shop. "Apparently it's better than the place where I usually eat. I'll show you after class."
And that's how I came to be in an interestingly academic discussion on the paradoxes of time-travel while eating a really cheap, delicious meal of veggie rice and peanut butter chicken.
We began by speaking about opinions on what the greatest invention of the past 2000 years is, and he mentioned the computer. Of course, that got me started on what is considered to be the first sort of computer- the counting machine - which is a form of automata from the mid-17th century. The topic of conversation went from my gushing about the history of automata to the obvious explanation of the Turk (the Chess Player) which we found to be linked to a computer that is set to be the greatest computer system ever called "The Turk" in the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Interesting, hey?
Definitely a highlight of the day. Discussion of Back to the Future? Any time!

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  1. I have a friend in Los Angeles. You two are the ones I know who love cupcakes the most. You should a have contest on who would eat the most.


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