21 May 2011

Dinner and Getting Ready (or Vice Versa)

Last night was our Farewell Dinner hosted by the CIEE program. It was mostly a party for the "houses" as opposed to the "homestays" but the semester has taught us homestay kids to expect such! It was fun nontheless. The night held dancing and really, really good food. Roast lamb with delicious sweet gravy, soft bread rolls, spinach and feta lasagna, cauliflower, cream and spinach stuff that was really good, lots of red wine, butternut soup, cream puffs, chocolate mousse, various flavors of icecream including one wayward bowl of chocolate that nearly rolled across the table when Kailee and I requested it be passed to us, malva pudding, and yummy cream puddings. So, so....just really...good.

I mean, really.

Also, we danced, which was kind of funny, because I danced, and that is always kind of funny. I also asked Glam if my teeth were full of spinach when they were, in fact, deliberately full of spinach. Sometimes middle school jokes continue to be classic.

We went out to Stones afterward, which is a club in Claremont. It was alright, not really my scene. The dj had weird hair that was gelled up in all directions. Kind of reminded me of "There's Something about Mary." I played foosball with Glam, and we sucked at it horribly. I mean, it was pretty bad. Then we all said goodbye and went home! Then I slept nicely and woke up nicely and read the rest of "Bitches' Brew" by Fred Khumalo and then went to the library with Jenny. I was going to recommend the book to my brother, Teddy, but I realized that unless you have spent a semester reading and studying African literature, the genre can be quite disturbing at times. The violence in the literature that I've come across is very terrifying, especially since one is aware that life was very much like that just a mere decade and some years ago.

I got a D.H. Lawrence book- it contains 4 of his novels. I've never read him before, it should be interesting. I have heard many things about Lady Chatterly's Lover. Hmm, we'll see if I manage to get through it.

Oh, and school is finally somewhat over. I just have exams left, which of course I am nervous about but c'est la vie. I am very happy to be finished with school. It got rather stressful toward the end, and it was then that I felt the most homesick. A night usually went like this: "I am sick of writing this paper! And I have 4 more papers after this! I want to go home!"

But now that it's passed, I am not really so ready to get home. I am trying to take advantage of the time I have left here. There are a few more things I want to see, a few more places to visit, more pictures to be taken. But I suppose that is the whole thing of life, isn't it. Always so many things to be done, that can never be finished!

Anyway, here are the pictures from the CIEE dinner!

Miss E and I! I try to no avail to strike what is termed a "sexy pose".

Before we all get ready!

Glam and Ann!

Ready to take CIEE dinner by storm. Ha.

Me and Joni (I look sort of funny-looking in this picture...)

Miss E got a hold of my camera....silly Miss E

Cookie showing off her African dance moves

Glam and me!

Glam, Cookie, and Miss E

Oh yes, this is what I call classy table decoration. Baby formula tins and beer bottles. Are you sure I'm not in the South?

Coolia, me, Cookie, and Blondie

My dear friend Kailee and I

Me and the ever-awesome Ashley

Alyssa and I

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