26 October 2008

100 is The Loneliest Number


Well, after much procrastination, I looked at my list and found which movie was stuck with bittersweet title of "Movie that wasn't Nearly as Good as the Above Titles, but was Okay Enough to be on the List Anyway". The 100th film is Ben Hur. I thought I would share my thoughts about this movie before I actually sat down to watch it.

Thoughts before watching it:

I don't know when the first time I watched this movie was. I know for sure that I watched it in about 7th grade with Jaclin during our many sleepovers. Oh yes, Ben Hur at a sleepover is sure to be entertainment. At least it was for us. But then again, we were the only ones ever at these so-called sleepovers. But I don't remember if that was the first time I had seen it or not.
Anyway, I do remember seeing previews (the whatever-edition of the movie was coming out, and the previews were recorded at the beginning of our new VHS movies) of Ben Hur when I was little. I thought that it looked really cool and epic (duh!), and I was not too far removed from the truth.
Honestly, I don't remember too much about the actual movie. I remember wanting to fast-forward through the famous chariot race. I tend to get bored in
a) scenes of intense and exaggerated action (see any James Bond movie or The Fast and The Furious)
b) scenes with musical numbers (see Sound of Music or any old Disney movie)
hence the desire to skip the race.

I will watch it again to refresh my memory and write a Thoughts After Watching It segment.
Until then, make sure you're strapped in and you've got your helmet on!

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