20 October 2008

In the Beginning, there was no Haagen Dazs.

This is going to be a blog about my journey through AFI's Top 100 Movies (2007 ed.). Or, this blog was created for such purpose. It may end up being my thoughts on the movies plus some musings on world news, college life, music, books I am currently reading, etc., but I will try not to go overboard on boring day-to-day things. Actually, for the moment, this blog will be just about movies.
I am new to the business of sharing my thoughts via blog (myspace not included), so I imagine things will be a bit choppy to begin with. I don't know how to do cool links and pictures. I have confidence, however, that it will not be long before I am an old pro.
Anyway, what gave me the idea for I Always Wanted to be an Explorer? First off, The blog title was taken from a quote by the great Michael Palin,
“I always wanted to be an explorer, but it seemed I was doomed to be nothing more than a very silly person."
This is not just some quote chosen randomly just because it was spoken by my favorite writer/actor, as some might think (Ok, maybe no one thought that, but I always tend to be a bit on the defensive side). I, well, I emphathize with his quote. My family and friends have always called me a silly person, sometimes unjustly, most times rightfully. Plus, I really want to travel! Everywhere! I want to leave no square of earth without a footprint from my sandal or sneaker (depending on which season it happens to be). Lately, however, I have had to content myself with mere tales of such travels, as depicted in the travel books written by my hero, Mr. Palin.
Now, back to movies. Last year, The American Film Institute released the 10th Anniversary edition of their list of Top 100 Movies. As I perused the list I remember telling my mom, It would be so cool to watch every movie on this list. I didn't take my thought very seriously, but I did pick up a movie every now and then that I knew was listed on the Top 100. One day while at work (many of my greatest ideas come from working in the library) I was struck with the urge to go through with my "Going through the List" idea. So, there and then I picked up Splendour in the Grass. Of course, after watching and loving it, I referred to the List and found that it was not included. Poop. Anyway, I have decided to stick close to the List and begin a beautiful year of 100 Top Movies. The idea for doing a blog for it came from, well, myself. But the idea was encouraged by some very encouraging (imagine that!) people from my College Connect group.
I am in the middle of the movie Raging Bull. I have not decided whether to just start with that one, or to start at the bottom of the list upwards (see http://www.bunkosquad.com/100movies/).
I think that I will decide later and go finish my homework instead.


  1. Bonnie - I'm following your blog!

    Coolest idea I've heard in a month - blogging through the top 100 movies of all time.

    I love it!

  2. Go 4 it! Yeah!

    Now that I'm through with the beer commercial slogans, I say, uh, go 4it! Yeah!

    You get my drift. This will be fun. Stick with it.

  3. You go girl! I love you, Bon Bon!
    "You are my inspiration, Bon...nie"! .....guess what movie that's from? Hint - it's not in the top 100! ha ha

  4. UHF is not on that list. It's a must see. Ask jeremy. Anyway, enjoy!


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