22 March 2009

That Steve Davidson is One Annoying Poster

Tonight, I actually chased someone down. In a car. It was kinda dramatic, at least for me. I am usually low-key. And it was cool! Maybe I should be more like that, more often.

We had carpet put down in the basement Friday morning. For those of you who don't know, our basement was flooded the night before my spring semester started. I have been sharing a room upstairs with my sister since then. Granted, it has not been horrible sharing a room with my sister, it's just
1) I missed all of my books (a lot)
2) I missed my privacy (not really extremely much, but enough to mention it)
And that is pretty much it. So carpet being downstairs meant that I could move back into my room. I was pretty excited, coming home straight from work, forsaking all exterior social activities to set up downstairs.
So far, I have my bed, dresser, nightstand, TV, desk, and bookcases set up. Just the furniture. The junk that usually adorns them is still packt up like sardines.

My closet has a shower curtain instead of a door. My choice. Better ventilation.

My bookcases- picture taken from the middle of the room. I have a new bookcase! My other two were overflowing.

My bed area, from the bookcase area. As you can see, pretty simple. Wait till I put all my papers on the bed and dresser!

I still have two more boxes of books to add to these piles. I don't want to really stock the shelves until I get all the boxes from the storage room. I want to catagorize my books first, and shelve them accordingly, hence waiting on all these piles of books.

My Patton Oswalt poster is finally up!

Detail of the poster.

Carpet? Carpet! Yea!

I watched The Constant Gardener the other week. It is not on AFI's Top 100, but it is a very good movie nonetheless. It is a very suspenseful movie, centered around an international conspiracy between big-name pharmaceutical companies dabbling among Africa's AID infected populace. The lovely Rachel Weiss' character actually dies in the first few minutes ***don't worry, that isn't really a spoiler***, but she plays one of the main forces behind bringing down the dishonest, cold-hearted murderers that are the pharmacuetucal companies. Ralph Fiennes' character is her husband, determined to solve the mystery of his wife's death and carry on the work she left unfinished.
Even though the action/suspense is great, the best things about the movie, in my opinion, were the recurring themes of love, fidelity, and marriage. Without giving too much away, I will say that by the end of the movie, Fiennes gets to the point where he realizes a depth to his wife and their marriage that he hadn't seen before [the death of Weiss].

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