20 April 2009

It's You! Me! Dancing!

So, the past two weeks have been pretty crazy.
Last week, my parents were gone. So, I stayed home by myself and had a good time. I stayed pretty busy; I worked a lot and hung out with friends. It was cool. The one thing I liked about my parents being gone was my lack of curfew. I liked having the freedom to stay out as late as I wanted. Of course, that never was late- I am an old lady. But sometimes I feel like quite the youngster when my parents are on the job. Oh well.
Rebecca came over one night. We listened to Dean Martin and Patton Oswalt and talked. We also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which is kind of a sucky movie. I went to bed around 2:30am, but she stayed up a little later. I ate a bagel.
Rebecca also fixed my pants. My pants had a big slit in the side of them, so she took my draw-string and tied up the slit. Here are pictures:
My pants don't look too rough, now!
Tonight I went to my friend Lissie's senior art exhibition opening. Everything looks amazing- I had gotten to see a lot of her stuff while she was working on it in the art house, but to see everything finished and put on the walls- Wow!
Lissie's mom made shortbread cookies. Shortbread cookies are awesome!
After that, I came home and began to work on my English paper. I also hope to start working the paper due for Dr. Morris' class, but I will save the worst for last.
I am very fortunate in finding some really good sources for my paper. Here is my hoity-toity thesis statement-

The ideals of socialism and their religious insinuations are put forth both blatantly and subliminally in the films of Frank Capra, reflecting the political ambiguity of 1930s Hollywood.

So, there you go. I need to get back to working on that paper...but back to the blog.
My mom got me some paper lanterns for my room. They are pretty cool looking. I am going to put them up tonight, maybe.
I also may watch
Fiddler on the Roof or Slumdog Millionaire. I haven't seen either one; I haven't decided which one I will watch tonight.
I will probably drink some water tonight, also. And eat chocolate chips. They are yummy.
More low-keyness later.


  1. I give up on you. We just have different tastes. I accept that you are picky. Its ok. I have better taste in men, therefore I always win. Bahaha. And you know you love me! And spending time with me! :D
    P.S. I look totally Jewish in that picture!

  2. You always look Jewish, Rebecca. And I always love you, no matter what! Especially cuz yr Jewish!

  3. You know what... from now on just call me Rivka. I'm converting to Judaism. I can't keep people from thinking I'm Jewish. I'll just accept it...


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