23 April 2009

Where Do We Go?

I got Camera Obscura's new album, My Maudlin Career. The first time I listened to it I was in my car, on my way to school. The album starts off with a song called "French Navy", and the moment it started I found myself rolling my windows down and dancing. Yes, it's that infectious! I would post the mp3, but I am on the work computer, so apologies for not being able to share the joy. You can listen to it on iTunes, however.

Speaking of iTunes, my iPod had to be restored the other day. It was "corrupted."
I was pretty pissed for a few minutes, because a lot of the songs on my iPod were not on my computer. But then I thought to myself, What good is it to get angry? Just because my music will not be as readily available for a day or two? So yeah, I quit being a big baby about it. I haven't had time to put all my music back onto it, but now my iPod has exactly 5 albums on it- Camera Obscura's
My Maudlin Career and Biggest Bluest Hi Fi, Luxury's Health and Sport, Andrew Bird's Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs, and a mix by James which I call James'.
All in all, it consists of 67 songs. It's not been a rough go like I expected. I have missed a few bands, though. I am a tough woman, however, and I can do without!
At least until I reconfigure my iTunes tomorrow.

I need to read my Bible more. I was doing really well about reading it this semester- about twice a day. But lately I have been skimping a bit, and I can definitely tell the changes. I usually read my Bible before or after I go on a run, and since I haven't run really in about a week, I have skipped some pivotal reading moments. Reading my Bible invigorates me; Reflecting on God's word and how it applies to me makes me excited each day, and definitely helps through the crappiest of days. When I don't take that time each afternoon, I feel blah, and my week ends up feeling the same. It's because I need reminding of God's love and will for my life.

Someone once said "My God is the same as your God; mine just drinks a lot more beer."
Personally, I find this quote pretty awesome. I don't know if this is "sacreligious" or not, but whatever. The problem I do have with that mindset is that it puts God on a pretty casual pedestal. While I don't necessarily believe in wearing "Jesus" t-shirts (we are fallen, so how can we possibly be the best representatives of Jesus' name? Let our love show through our speech and actions, not our sleeves) I do believe that God requires some major love and respect.
How does respect play out in our day-to-day lives? In dealing with people at work, school, and within our family, do we show our respect not only for them personally, but for our Creator? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I really need to work on having a greater measure of respect for my fellow man, but more importantly for God, and the way I show respect to God is the way in which I deal with people and carry myself.
Also, I know that spending time in the Word will help me to accomplish this more. :)

So, I'm gonna go back to my music now. Fare thee well until then,

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  1. I never knew you used the word "pissed" - I guess I should read your blog more often.


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