16 June 2009

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

Then...Ted Leo took the stage.
As he set up his guitar and stuff (I'ma instrumetadummy)I asked him (as we stood directly in front of the stage) if he could play "The World is in the Turlet". If you are unfamiliar with this song, let me give you the history in a sentence- During an episode of the Best Show, Tom had the listeners call in with song lyrics that they made up- which Ted Leo and The Pharmacists took during the show and made into a song that they played at the end of the very said show. Here's the song:
Anyway, he didn't get to play the song. But he did say that he would try.
The show was great. I took lots of video. You should watch them to see a little taste of how awesome they are.
Seth and I got the honor of meeting Ted after the show. Ted has now got my vote as the Nicest Guy Ever. Seriously. Top-Notch.
But enough fawning.

EDIT: My FOT friend Spoony made a good point on Twitter- "It's impossible to fawn too much over a guy who's that talented and friendly."
You know what? He's right!
Ted Leo is great! I had a crush on him before the show, and after I got to meet him the crush factor rivals that of my love for Josh Groban!
*cue audience's "whoaoah!"*

EDIT: More vids.
Watch his guitar smoke in this one:

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