13 June 2009

Titus Andronicus

This past Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending a concert at the 40 Watt in Athens with my brother. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists was the band we were there to see, and opening for them was Titus Andronicus and All The Saints. I had been waiting anxiously for this show for the past 3 months, so I was well-prepared: camera battery charged, memory card in place (yes, I have forgotten my memory card on many unhappy occasions), sturdy purse (or "satchel"), some cash, hair pulled back, comfortable shoes on. I am also aware that my description sounds like I am going on a daytrip to the zoo, but I assure you that this was not the case.

My brother and I went ahead and bought our t-shirts (and stickers!) and made our way to the front. There was a scant crowd when All The Saints came on the stage (and they came without any introduction or greeting whatsoever; it was like a "we're here" with a wall of guitars and determined percussion), which was kinda sad considering how great the band was.
The bass player had a nice beard. I wanted to get a picture of him, but I am always too chicken to use the flash on my camera (it's so...bright!) so what pictures I stole of him were really too dark to make out.

BTW what is it with Athens and nice beards? Almost all the guys there had beards. All the nice beards were distracting to me. I kept thinking, "Now that's a beard! My husband will have one like that!" Sometimes I feel creepy.

We introduced ourselves to the lead singer and told him we enjoyed the show. He was very cordial and introduced himself as Matt. Hello Matt.
When Titus Andronicus came on the stage, I immediately recognised the lead guy as the bearded dude I passed on the street earlier and had written off as "beard too bushy."

Titus Andronicus was so great. Their music is great and a lot of fun. Here is a video of them that I badly took:

I also have a few Ted Leo videos, but I will post those later. It has been taking me a while to get them all uploaded. When I do get them uploaded, I will give you a minute-by-minute account of the night following the stage-leaving of Titus Andronicus. Not really, but I do have more to say, so brace yourself for some boringness, some pictures, and some nice highlights.

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  1. Oh Bonnie. You and the beards. I get it, I do. Stubble makes me swoon. And don't get me started on the forearms... *sigh*

    Nice to see you had a good time at your little concert. :)


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