09 August 2009

There is No Way I'm Looking for a Boyfriend.

It has been a while since my last dip into the blogging pool (I cringe as I write that, too), so I think I will take the next coupla posts to tell a little about my summer, while you can pretend to care.

For a week in July I worked at Camp Discover, which is a pretty nifty camp for teens in foster care. My experience with camp was pretty awesome- I was a coach, which meant that I got to hang out with 3 other girls and be their mentor. We stayed in some nice suites in the "dorms" of Berry College. Berry catered our food, and it was really awesome food! I ate an apple or a banana at every meal! It was great.
My girls were pretty great. I got the vague feeling that they probably thought I was a little strange, but it must've been in a good way because they were always sweet to me.
It's great because we still get to talk to them outside of camp, and be involved in their lives as a mentor. I am totally plugging YFC and Camp Discovery...here!
The weeks following that were pretty non-eventful, I think. If something awesome happened then it must've not been too awesome because nothing is coming to mind.

Then after that, I went to New York City!
That was fun. I had lots of fun, it was a great trip. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
I went with my cousins and a cousin's sis-in-law. We flew standby and caught the 8:20 am flight on Tuesday morning. I chose to leave on Tuesday instead of Monday so that I wouldn't have to take off work Monday night. I had also requested we take the first flight out to Atl on Fri morning so I wouldn't miss work that afternoon...but that's a story for another day.
We rode in a plane [nothing] like this one:
We got on the plane and I sat by Tasha, my oldest cousin. We both slept despite Tash's sis-in-law, Julie, in the row behind us hitting up the cute guy she found herself seated next to rather loudly. From all accounts, my other cousin Holly slept mostly, too. But I can't say for sure. Because I slept the whole way.
Upon our landing we immediately went outside and waited for a cab. But no! Lo- a limo proved to be the same amount as a taxi! And it also had the advantage of being way classier. Duh.
We rode to the hotel- called the "Dream"- in our fancy limo, and I restrained myself from taking pictures from inside the car looking out the window. Heaven forbid anyone think I was a tourist, even though the only New Yorker who could see me was the suave driver. Me and my touristic scruples.

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