18 October 2009

The Sheep Convention

"Sheep are absolutely everywhere - they seem to totally overrun the city.
Either they're very very fond of sheep, or there's some sort of sheep convention.
It's most odd, I've never seen so many sheep in one place in all my life.
And I'm a bit of a sheep man.
Oh...I like them...just in a...aesthetic way.
All their little fluffy tails, bummy bits..." Turns from the camera, laughing.
- Michael Palin on the train ride from Dakar, Mauritania to Timbuktu

Michael Palin is the coolest man ever. I'm currently watching his Sahara travel program that aired on the BBC a few years ago. If there ever was a man I want to meet and shake hands with, it'd be him. Full of wit, charm, and the utmost affability, he always [seems] to make the best of every situation. My readings of his books and diaries (I strongly recommend his Python Diaries, they are a really neat insight into not only the word of Monty Python, but also the Frost Report, Do Not Adjust You Television Set, and others. It also gives you a fascinating picture of the man himself. After all, these were his diary entries from the early to late 70's!) confirm my belief that he has got to be a very nice person.
He's the only Python to still be happily married to his first wife. The others have married, affair'd, divorced, girlfriend'd, etc. Although, technically, Terry Jones is still married to his first wife, Alison. He lives, however, with his girlfriend, and they have a daughter.
There was actually an interesting bit in Python Diaries about one of Palin's bits on Saturday Night Live (of which I can find no clips anywhere- can anyone help?). It contained a conversation between Palin and John Belushi that took place in their dressing room. John Belushi said, if I remember correctly, "I don't f*** anyone but my wife," and the dialogue that followed went along the lines of both agreeing on marriage fidelity. It was always a scene that stuck out to me for some reason.


  1. Yep, my fave Python by far as well. And the only who cracks me up just thinking about him. Though Eric Idle comes close.

    I'm still working my way through his travel series, finished Himalayas recently. Haven't watched Sahara yet.

  2. Jeremy is lying, he hates Python and is a poser.


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