20 October 2009

Bought a Old Stack of "The New Yorker" for 10 cents.

Sam is my 5 year old brother. He confessed that he was scared of the dark due to monsters. I taught him a song I always sang when I was little and got scared. It goes like thus:

When I am afraid I will trust in You, I will trust in you, I will trust in You,
For God, You keep me safe.

Sam laughed. He repeated the song in a monster voice. After I glared at him, he sang in a robot voice. Beep boop.
The he made up his own versions:

"When I am afraid I will
Put my head under my shirt and look at my belly button
Because God is good."

This one he made me repeat each line after him:

"When I am afraid
(when I am afraid)
When will God sleep with me and
(when will God sleep with me and)
Bonk my shoulder
(bonk my shoulder)
and then He will
(and then he will)
Bonk his head
(bonk his head)."

I wonder if the belly button song really works?

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