19 March 2010


Yet another treasure found in the pile of notebooks: a fairytale I wrote when I was about 9 or 10. Here goes!

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess who had a very cold and hard heart. In the kingdom next to it there was a very hideous and ugly princess who had the softest and warmest heart anybody could ever have.
The beautiful princess' name was Annette. The ugly princess was named Grace. Annette's father, the king, was friends with Grace's father, another king. Annette and her father went to visit Grace and her father. Annette liked to visit Grace so she could get a chance to make fun of her bent back and her twisted fingers.
When Grace heard that Annette and her father were coming to visit she fled to the woods. When she was almost in the thickest part of the woods she saw an old, ugly woman.
"Could you lead me to the center of the forest, dear?" asked the old woman. "Of course I will!" Grace answered. So Grace led the old woman to the center of the forest.
Suddenly there was a CRACK of lightning and the old woman had turned into a fairy!
"Grace," said the softest and sweetest voice Grace had ever heard. "Grace, I have seen the way Annette and other people have treated you. I have looked through your ugliness and saw kindness. You shall be beautiful from now on! I will give Annette a chance when the time comes, though."
Then she vanished.
"Oh dear!" thought Grace as she waled home. "I wonder if I am beautiful. I wonder what Father will say."
When she got back to the town she noticed that all the people, especially all the young men, were staring at her. Grace remembered how before the people tried their best not to stare at her. She remembered how her true friends didn't care that she was ugly. They loved her for who she was. And her father, oh how kind her father was! Loving, caring, and compassionate. To him, she was worth more that all the treasures of the world could amount to. She knew as she walked to the castle that he would be content that she was finally happy.
The castle guards admitted her, smitten by her radiant beauty. She ran to her father, how her recognized her she had no idea. He hugged her and told her that she was and would always be beautiful to him.
Annette was suddenly nice to her. Grace tore away from the crowds and went on to bed, worn out by the excitement of the day. Annette had heard that Grace "turned pretty" in the forest, so she went out there, thinking "If that girl got pretty here, then why shouldn't I get even prettier?"
She kept walking until she saw the really ugly woman, who said "Could you please walk me to the center of the forest?" Annette backed away.
"Get out of my face, old woman! Ugly people like you should be gotten rid of in a proper fashion." She started to walk away, but she heard a CRACK of lightning and saw in place of the old woman a beautiful fairy!
"I gave you a chance, Annette," the fairy said. "But you blew it, babe, and you're right, ugly people like you should be gotten rid of in a proper fashion." With a flip of her wand, a huge bear came out and ate the doomed Annette.
Annette's father was happy to be rid of his motherless stepdaughter. He ended up being a good friend of the fairy, while Grace, her father, and her true friends led a charmingly beautiful life.
written by Bonnie Elizabeth Winstead


  1. "But you blew it, babe...". that is CLASSIC.

  2. Bonnie. This is the best thing I have ever read. My favorite is that Annette's father was happy to be rid of her. You should submit this to a publishing company! Hahaha.


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