24 October 2010

The Manfriend and his Art

Ok Party People,
I have a Manfriend. What's a "manfriend", you might ask.
Well, a manfriend is sort of like a "boyfriend" but differs in many respects. I'll give you a short five-point comparative list, the tip of the iceberg, if you will.

Brings flowers
Brings chicken sandwich

Leans in for a kiss
Picks you up off your feet

"Hard work" means mowing the lawn
"Hard work" means spending hours upon hours splitting wood and then finding more things to do

Drinks Smirnoff from time to time
Drinks straight Bourbon from time to time

Opens door for ladies, is polite to old people, glares at rude people if necessary
Opens door for ladies, old people love him, beats up rude people if necessary

That, my friends, is a very, very condensed version of the master list.
To get to my point, I have a manfriend. His name is James. James is and has been one of my most favorite people for some time now. James also happens to be a very talented artist. He is an extremely hard-working individual who can throw a really, really mean whiskey cup. No kidding. Just look at these teabowls: http://www.roswellclaycollective.com/JAD3.html
James has gotten together with a bunch of other talented ceramic artists to create a Woodfired Teabowl exhibit, curated by James himself. He is not your average Shorter University undergrad, that's for sure.
I have had the pleasure to meet a few names on the artist list and pretty much wanted to be their best friend immediately. Ian Childers is my professor at Shorter and someone I look up to alot and I value the artistic advice I get from him. AJ Argentina seemed like a really swell guy when I got the brief chance to chat with him at the last anagama firing, and I totally have a crush on his beard. The same could be said of Micah Cain. Davis McNeal quickly became one of my favorite people during the time I spent with him during the anagama firing. I have heard great things about the others I haven't met, and I'm sure they're wonderful people, as well. Well, not totally sure, but at least their work is awesome. :)
If you are in the Atlanta area, please feel free to stop by the opening! It's October 29. All the info can be found on the website. Totally drop in and see the awesome pottery. For those not in Georgia, check out the website http://www.roswellclaycollective.com/thumbnails.html
It's totally awesome, no?

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