08 February 2011

Hello from SA

I am currently sitting in a computer lab waiting for my friend Erica to get to campus so we can look at the society tents. There are literally hundreds of societies here and they are all trying to recruit people to join. The societies range from a Wine Society to a Catholic Society to a Linux Appreciation Society. I am keeping my hand from signing up for anything until I find either a Book Society or a Disney Movies Society. Wish me luck.
On the plane from London to Cape Town, I got my camera out to play around with it (it was, well, a really long plane ride) and discovered that it was broken. Not in a major way, just a little flap broke off that has to be detected by a sensor in order for the camera to function. So, I am going into week II without a camera to be had. Of course, there are many camera shops around and I will eventually purchase a camera to last me my stay, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. This means that all the places I've visited in the last two weeks will have to be revisited so they can be photographed meticulously. Just kidding. But probably. Throughout my blog, until I get a camera, I will add "insert picture" in all the places that warrant a descriptive photograph, so you the reader will be forced to use your imagination.
The UCT campus is absolutely beautiful! (insert picture)
I think my leg muscles have strengthened dramatically over the last days. Por ejemple: On Saturday I missed the shuttle to campus, so I walked about 40 minutes to my destination. Once there, my friends and I hiked up to Table Mountain to Rhodes Memorial, and then up further to the Blockhouse. Later that evening, I figured out that the Jammie Shuttle (the free UCT transport service) stopped running to my area at 2:00pm that afternoon. So I walked home again. I got home and Jenny, my host-mum, remarked on both the sweat on my brow and the extreme dirtiness of my Chaco-wearing feet. They were pretty gross. (insert picture)
My first week here consisted of orientation orientation orientation. And then the second week consisted of...orientation! The second week was voluntary, because I accompanied my housemate, Andy, to his "official" UCT orientation.
This week is a free week, so yesterday and couple of girls and I went to Kalk's Bay, a nice beach with a yummy fish and chips place called Kalky's. There is an abundance of really cute stores and even a Rare Books store! The beach was super nice and filled with surfers galore. The scenery....was nice. (insert picture)
Last night was one of the best nights, though. Andre (my Brazilian housemate), Andy (my Joburg-ian housemate), and I ate ice cream and Moon Pies (my gift to my host-mum) and then ended up in the living room watching Spongebob Squarepants. Afterward we found ourselves in the kitchen, each person in a different corner, chatting for a while. We have now made a joke that every night at 10:00pm we will meet in our corners in the kitchen and chat!
This morning I rode with Andy to campus and after checking my email, discovered I had a package waiting for me at the CIEE (program that facilitates me coming to SA) office. It was a package with Valentines cards from my family! I cried a little.
I am also chewing the Bubble Yum they sent along.
So far things are going well. My updates of this blog should be pretty consistent from here on.
I don't miss home, I don't miss anything about the States or Rome or even Georgia. I do wish my family were here to experience the things I am seeing. I miss Sam and Anna alot, and I talk about Seth and Julie too much. And of course if I could I would chat with my parents every night.
I am happy here right now, and I hope it will continue for as long as possible. I know once school starts next Monday there will be a nice schedule and rhythm to my days, so I am looking forward to that.


  1. Strangely enough, I had a dream last night that I was in a group of various people (none you know) that came to visit you in SA. You were alternately living in a river in the jungle and a cave. Oh, and there was a guerilla war going on. And I couldn't stop crying. And TBSOWFMU gang were there but I lied to them and said things were great. I told your mother it was awful and she appreciated my honesty. Perhaps this all means something.

    PS I'm on Twitter now (yrfavoritejerms) please follow me so I can get to double digits.

    PPS Check out the new NP video directed by Tom starring Wurster, AP Mike, Julie Klausner with Ted Leo in drag. It's great.

    PPPS Watched the BBC's new Sherlock last night. Dug it. Hip,modern which probably makes you cringe but I were entertained lots.

    PPPPS I guess I could have just sent an email. Glad things are going well.

  2. So Bonnie I am so glad to finally be able to hear from you even though this wasn't just for me personally! :) I am also a little upset that you don't miss me! I mean I am not only the greatest but also your absolute favorite cousin! Anyways, I am so glad that you are having fun. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you missed the bus not only once but twice in the same day! I mean you after all are the one and only Bonnie. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventures. I will be patiently waiting by the computer for your next blog. I also wouldn't mind an email from you! Hint hint I will be thinking about the amazing present I want you to bring me from SA. Oh wait I guess I can get it myself when I come and visit! :) love and miss ya.......The Greatest! :)

  3. Hey Bon! I found out through that infamous grapevine that your blog was up and running. Daddy didn't even tell me! I will eat, sleep, and wait patiently by my computer for your next entry.
    I love you. Study hard. Do good things.

  4. Bonnie, you need to get a camera. As everyone knows, I, like all of our family, have no imagination. I'm glad you don't miss the states and that you are happy there, but if you do get homesick don't worry. We have already started populating our parents' yard with old cars and cinder blocks to make it more "down home" for when you come back.


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