09 February 2011


I am really sunburned.
Also, I joined the Student Y society (sort of like South Africa's BCM) and the Wine and Culture society. You get to be involved with cool Bible studies and fellowship with other students in the Y, and in the Wine soc. you get to learn how wine is made, how it's tasted, etc etc. Should be fun! Fun in the classy sense, don't worry.
Tomorrow Rachel and I are going to hit up some more museums, yay! Yesterday I went to the Art museum and it was really awesome. Small, but full of great pieces.
p.s. I do miss my cousin, and I am so happy to hear that I am apparently a topic in the infamous "grapevine". I also had a strange dream last night that I rode on a crocodile through the river, so you weren't so far off, Jeremy. One thing I can't wait to see when I get home- those lovely cinderblocks.
p.s.s. Found out that one can never escape hillbillies. There is a version found here of Afrikaan people called "Boxbourgians" (people from Boxbourg.)
p.s.s.s. Oh my goodness "Rebecca" is soooo good. I am halfway finished with it and madly inlove with it.


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  2. Hey Bon Bon - I'm on Miss Joan's computer while waiting on my new one to come in - probably first of next week. Will type more later but wanted to let you know I'm reading you!

    Love, Daddy

  3. Hi Bon. Snow on the ground here and you're sunburned. wow. I really mean wow too, not just a sarcastic wow. Soon we'll be enjoying our springtime and you'll be shivering in the South African fall. wow. I do mean that sarcastically.

  4. forgot to sign my name to post so here it is:


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