13 February 2011


I spent the majority of the afternoon yesterday fixing my camera. I made a copy of the broken piece with a bit of plastic from some surfers' discount card they gave out at school and wedged the piece near the memory card slot of the camera. It worked! Oh my genius.

Now that I've got a working camera, I have to get pictures up, right?

I walked all over campus around noontime and took lots of beautifulish pictures. Since it is Sunday it is very quiet around campus, only a few students strolled the walks. I am now sitting in Cocoa WahWah, a nice little cafe on Main Rd in Rondebosch with the aim of posting some pictures. But alas! My laptop is sD compatible, not xD like my memory card. I hope I brought my computer-to-camera cords with me...

It's ok, though! Here is your bone! A picture I got yesterday with my webcam! (thanks family for the vday gift!)

Yesterday I convinced Jenny to take me to the library. She ended up leaving with a library card and two books for herself and three for me. I got Shakespeare, Joseph Conrad, and TS Eliot, all for classes tomorrow.
NOTE: There are girls at a table directly behind me who keep laughing and one of them has got the shrillest, loudest laugh. I actually turned my hearing aids down ALL THE WAY so I wouldn't hear them. Come on, people, indoor laughs, indoor laughs. By the way I just ate a bacon, egg, and cheese toasted sandwhich and drank a vanilla chai shake and both were supremely delicious, even though I generally dislike bacon, egg, and cheese sandwhiches. END NOTE.
After that, I convinced Jenny to take me to a craft fair in Rondebosch Park. You have never seen so many homemade pies in your life. Mince, rhubarb, other stuff, chicken stuff, etc etc. I bought a giant bag of homemade rusks, a tea biscuit I had never had previously. I went home and had tea (Rooibus is delicioussss) and dipped my rusks in the tea and it was so wonderfully fantastic. I mean, really. Rooibus tea and rusks. Do it.
I finished "Rebecca" and now I am reading "Jamaica Inn." It seems like it is going to be almost as good as "Rebecca," although Du Maurier's desciption of an albino seems a bit inaccurate.
Classes tomorrow! And I can sign up for volunteer efforts tomorrow, as well. I have my heart set on working at the TB hospital, but we'll see how things work out.
This morning I went to Jubilee Church with Rachel. It's really great- if it was closer I think I would go there every Sunday. They also served rooibus afterward. :) There is actually a Baptist Church near my house. I've heard it's quite "conservative" which makes me nervous mostly because I am unsure of what their definition of "conservative" is. I am most likely going to visit there next Sunday. We shall see....
There have been a few dark mornings that came about through nightmares from the night before. Nightmares right now usually consist of painful memories whirling and spinning through my mind like some sort of torturous roller coaster. How appropriate, then, was the teaching this morning at church- all about the true grace of God. Where would I be, otherwise?
Andre leaves for Brazil this Friday. This makes me very sad. He is very friendly, funny, and supremely good-hearted. I really wish I could've gotten to know him longer and better. He, Andy and I sat the other night and watched How to Train Your Dragon. I fell asleep at the beginning, but I mean, it was still lots of fun.
Pray for me and my academic balance, and for the volunteer/missions opps, and for the people I interact with. I have come across some very strong-minded Christians with great faith in God, but have also interacted with people who claim a separation from Christ for whatever reason- "I don't need God" "Bible is fallible because it's written by fallible human hands" "I used to be a devout Christian but no longer"
the same things I heard at home from some people who were close to me.
If a person claims the lack of a need for God, the only thing that can ever change their heart is, of course, the only thing that can ever change anyone's heart- Christ. Other excuses can be broken down easily, but I feel like the toughest one to deal with is the "I just don't need God" card. Maybe because it strikes too personally for me, I am not sure. Unlike some, though, I find I need God more than ever. No one else would I cry out to during my dark nights, nor to whom I would confess the desires of my heart. I've learned lessons the hard way, and I am determined not to let anything or anyone take His place again.


  1. I have tears in my eyes, dear daughter, after reading this post. You know, without a doubt, that I have been and will continue praying for you. You are sunshine to my soul.
    - mama
    p.s. we drink rooibus tea here too. we actually have some in our home. you just never drink tea with me and anna. it's always coffee, coffee, coffee with you and seth.

  2. My heart is full of love and praise to God for the confident assurance we have that He walks with us each and every day and through every situation. You are one of the best gifts God has given to your old man and I am so proud of you and love you so much my dear Bon Bon!


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