15 February 2011

Happy Post-V-Day

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day! Mine was pretty great, went to my first day of classes! They went splendidly...Modernism at 8:00am is a bit much, but I'll settle in. Shakespeare sounds completely awesome, I am super excited about more Willie!
I came home shortly after noon and took a super nice nap. I ended the evening by going to a gig with a new friend. Yay for new friends! And gigs! Check out Shotgun Tori on facebook- she is super talented, and very nice and lovely, as well. A highlight of the evening was definitely standing in a huddle on the rooftop swapping "stalker" stories and pondering the potential for the next genre of stalker-film.
Anywoo, hope the week's started nicely for you!


  1. Shakespeare, huh? I think you should study Christopher Marlowe instead. He was much better. Or was he the same? (Cue music) Dun Dun Dun. Sorry I missed your call, by the way. As usual, my phone has been abused by my pockets/bike rides/overall use and it now shuts off randomly. Call again, or can I call you? Funny that you should mention stalker stories, since your whole family is now stalking you through your blog.

  2. Hey, Bon Bon! I'm sorry we missed you yesterday. I saw where a "strange" number had called and called back only to get a message saying it wasn't working. Figured out it might have been you - then the phone rang again but nobody was there. WOOOO, talk about stalkers, huh? Anyway, missed talking to you and hearing about your classes. Hope to hear back SOON! Love you!

  3. Just a note to Bon Bon - your usb is on the way - mailed right after lunch so you'll soon be able to post some pictures on here - well, in about 3 weeks anyway!


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