21 February 2011

Seth please for the love of God and all things holy make me a cd and send it to me

Here are songs that have been mercilessly making their cycle round on my iPod

"Delicious" by Catherine Wheel

"Someone Else's Song" by Wilco

"Where is My Mind" by The Pixies

"Misunderstood" by Wilco

"Wrecking Ball" by Dead Confederate

"Zebra" by Beach House

Basically most of the same songs I've always loved. Add to those the usual mix of Camera Obscura and we're all set. Also My Morning Jacket has been pretty regular.
Thanks to my brother for some music. Thanks thanks thanks.
Oh, and I love Beach House. And Seth, I don't like Dum Dum Girls at all, or Best Coast. Nice try, though.
Wilco is an interesting band. I think I would not have liked them at all a few years ago, and in truth I barely cared for them last year. It's funny how tastes change with the weather, and some with age, and alot with experience. I feel like I am turning into a mellow music gal...oh god...I am turning into a 30-something year old woman....Keep the Dave Matthews band away from me please...I want to retain some sort of edge (yeah right)
Seth please send me cds.


  1. I'm very offended that you didn't request a cd from me.
    tu madre

  2. Bonnie, ok. I understand about Wilco. I didn't really get into them until I was your age either. And then I had the same thought-"My God, I have the musical tastes of a mid-late thirties bald man." Don't worry too much about the Dave Matthews though. The saxophone is enough to send me on a rampage of weeping and gnashing teeth. As for my top plays lately its been pretty much a constant stream of "In the arms of an angel." I just can't get enough of it!

  3. As the only mid-late thirties (not bald) man you two know who digs Wilco, I must say that my taste have not mellowed but gotten more extreme. I listen to more metal and noise than I ever did 20 years ago. Also, Dave Matthews suckitude is fact regardless of age. And no Best Coast, Bonnie? That was my fave album of 2010.

    P.S. I'd send you a cd but our mail doesn't deliver that far.

  4. I'm still waiting for a cd request. Barry, Josh, Andre, Chris,....I know lots of guys who make beautiful music.
    btw - sam wore his "weezer" T-shirt the other day. He's so cool.

  5. Chris who? I hope you don't mean Chris Martin, Anonymous.

  6. Pretty sure she meant Chris Cornell. She was always partial to his banshee wail, especially when he was shirtless.

  7. Sam will be even cooler once he wears the new Springboks rugby shirt I got him.
    I listened to Anastasia in the shower this morning. In my book, nothing can beat that, not even Chris Cornell.

  8. I am gonna make you a cd too. I will mail it next week. I know you are so gonna enjoy it! Nat


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