24 February 2011

A Small, Unfortunate Face

Guess what, guys?
This Saturday morning I am waking up bright and early to go on a hike up Table Mountain...TO VIEW THE RARE DISA FLOWER!
Jah, with the ZooBot society. I am excited about the possibility of making friends. I mean, I have a few Amurcan friends, but I really am interested in building relationships with actual South African students. It's harder than it seems, but with the start of my seminars, I think it will be easier than it has been the last couple of weeks.

The seminars are basically like specialized topic groups attached to the lectures. So for my Shakespeare and Co. lecture twice a week, I have a seminar called "Global Shakespeare" twice a week. For Modernism, I have a seminar on T.S. Eliot and in African Lit I have a seminar on "Literary Representations of Mourning During and After Apartheid."

This week is the first week of seminars, and today the second day of seminars. I am very excited about my particular groups- they are going to be very challenging and mind-broadening. In my Global Shakespeare course, there is a scary girl named "Babra." When she walks into the room the lights dim and my eyelids droop on account of her rather aggressive negativity. Her attitude is enormous, and she feels the need to contradict every opinion or idea brought forth by the teacher or another student. This rather defensive characteristic of hers is unfortunately highlighted by her very small face set on a rather normal-sized head, a contradiction itself in physical form. (NOTE ADDED LATER: Due to some guilt feelings on my comments on the girl's facial size in proportion to her face, I wish to add that I too, suffer from a lack of balance. My head, you see, is too small for my body. I did not wish to put Babra down in any way, I just felt like the description kind of fit the overall vibe of her character.)

There is not much to report today, other than the fact that I am in South Africa. (!!!)
Also, I have had two Stoney's today to drink and the ginger keeps making me burp.



  1. Stoneys = Ginger Ale? I think I've heard of those before but I'm not sure. And, remember, Bon, what you're always saying about the size of your head in comparison to your body. Give Babs a break. Love you and miss you! Have fun on your hike!

  2. oh, forgot to mention. today's title reminded me of something. not sure if it was supposed to or not, but....
    small unfortunate face = poor unfortunate soul
    And, what is that from? Huh?

  3. The Little Mermaid! And I hope you reread my blog. thanks for the guilt, MOM!

  4. Your head is perfect just the way it is - exactly what God intended it to be regardless of what man might think! I hope you enjoy the rare flowers and take some pictures! Love you!

  5. You know Bon I alsways knew there was something else that was weird about you....It is your head. Glad you told me it was bothering me. I am gonna have to go look at some pictures so I can laugh!: ) and Stoney....hmmm are you sure its giner ale?


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