10 March 2011

As I was going to St. Ives...

Yesterday morning started out a little strangely, because when I woke up I realized that I had fallen asleep sometime in the realm of 9:30pm the night before on top of the articles I was supposed to be reading and writing about. I trudged to Claremont and caught the Jammie, as I wasn't feeling up to making the trek by foot to campus. On the ride I read the rest of the article and developed a headache. I blame the haughty intellectuals who are trying to pry open my brain to tear out everything I've learned so I can start anew. It's a painful process, this learning business.
In my African Lit. class shortly afterward I informed my friend E that the best cure for her grumpiness (apparently this was "grump" day, not "hump-day") would be to come with me to my house to hang out. She agreed.
On the way to my house I ate Nik Naks out of the bag and a huge gust of wind knocked the Nik Naks out of my hand and scattered the cheesy puffs all over the adjoining garden to the walkway, completely emptying my bag of chips, and emptying my heart of all happiness. E patted me on the shoulder, and after a moment of silence, we rode on.
Once we arrived at the house, I mixed some squash (NOT the vegetable) and made a nice cool drink and we sat on the living room floor and turned on VH1 while we read the school newspapers (not UCT's, actually, E goes to Bates College and they've sent her all the issues of their student paper she's missed.)
The song came on, you know the one, the only one it could've been, that's right, it was
Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler!
the funny thing about it was that As it came on, before the first notes began to tinkle, I laughed and said, "Meatloaf!" half-jokingly. E laughed.
Then, as I saw what the song truly was, I got really excited and was like, whoa! The same guy who directed Meatloaf's videos directed this one!!! E was impressed that I knew that.
Thanks Mom.

We had a braai last night for all the homestay students. When I say "we" had a braai, I mean that CIEE had a braai and one of the host families hosted it (imagine).
It was super awesome! We had really yummy rice and bobotie (one of my favorite foods here) and some sort of meat something that was also tasty. For dessert there was delicious brandy pudding and icecream! And throughout the dinner, of course, there was booze-a'flowin'.
I was so excited to introduce Miss D to the other parents and students. All my friends have heard lots of stories about living with Miss D, mostly stories involving how much I love chatting and hanging out with her. It was really lots of fun. Our director and academic director were there, as well, and as always it was great to talk to them. I really am thankful that I decided on coming here through this program, because they give such a great support system and, from my end at least, they seem to truly care about the students.
The night ended (unfortunately) with a drive home and homework to finish.
And by the way, Teddy doesn't get that cd because he didn't read the directions properly. How's that for teaching, Teddy?****
Cheers for now,

***if you (the reader) EMAIL me the correct answer, I will make you a wacky cd of SA music and such. Here is the question: How many wives does Jacob Zuma have?


  1. I sent it. I hope you still use the same email address.

  2. Not that you asked or cared, but Jim Steinman (cheeseball behind Mr. Loaf's biggest hits) wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart. So yes, if you think TEOTH and say, any random Meat Loaf song with a goofy title--i.e. all of them--are a bit too close for comfort, well, they are. And btw, I actually do like Two Out of Three Ain't Bad. And Mr. Loaf seems like an all right gent as well. This really has nothing to do with SA or you or really anything at all but I felt the world needed to know.

    P.S. Tom raised $177K over 2 weeks. My donation was somewhat less than that.

  3. Meatloaf is on "Celebrity Apprentice" this season. And, I can't think of Meatloaf without thinking of motorcycles, mirrors, and Celine Dion.

  4. Teddy, I don't use that email anymore, I use my gmail or school email. my gmail is simply my first name initial and my middle initial and then our last name. And yeah, you got it right! Expect a bday present.
    Jeremy, Good for Tom! He's the Queen! I really could not donate this time around but I reckon I will for the December bit.
    Mama- I was just talking to E about how much I miss that show.

  5. I can't think of Meat Loaf without imagining a toothless man and his chubby son walking into a tattoo parlor. "You know what would make a great tattoo? You know that cd I got in the van by that band Meatloaf? Its got that cover with the guy comin out of a grave on a motor cycle! That'd be a great tattoo, I tell you what!"
    Bonnie, I would like you to know that I sent an email first with the correct answer and I can't help it if you changed email without telling me.

  6. Two out of Three ain't bad and Celine - I'm with y'all on both of those. Otherwise, I don't mind being the square member of the family that doesn't really fit into these types of conversations. But I still love you, Bon Bon!


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