08 March 2011

Missings, peoples, jokes...

With some hard work, sweat, and alot of candy, I managed to get the souvenir that my older brother, Teddy, asked me for. And then I realized it was the wrong age.

Darn you, Teddy!

I went to Green Market Square the other day and purchased a really cool African beaded belt for myself (what makes the belt African? Because it's bought in AFRICA, duh)and two TOP SECRET things for my sister Bessie. Yay! Now I just have to find something for Teddy, Hazel, Mom, and Dad. I really miss my family. I think it's a good kind of missing, though. It's the kind of missing that surges through your whole body in form of a kind of intense ache that brings with it a sharp and rolling burst of happiness. It's the feeling that comes along with the knowledge that you are wholly loved, and that you return that love with an equal wholeness. It's a knowledge that, though you wish more than anything that the ones you love could be here and now and experiencing the things you are able to, you are blessed by an amazing support system and you look forward to the joy you will feel when you are able to see them again. Because I am already looking forward to that.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures I put up yesterday. I was pretty excited about finally being able to give you a glimpse of my life in it's physicality. There are so many more I could put up, and so many more yet to be taken. I have been meeting so many wonderfully vibrant people, in school and elsewhere. I have been able to chat multiple times with Zissou, my poofy-haired time travel conversationalist; Coco, my beautiful SA fellow English major, Janine, the CIEE receptionista, and of course my American friend Cookie. So many more people have been so lovely here, and I hope that in the coming months I will be able to count them as good friends.

Tomorrow there will be a braai for the homestay kids, of which I am one, of course. I am looking forward to introducing Miss D, my host mom, to all of the other kids. I have a blast living in her house- just the other day we completed a crossword together. I have always been slightly jealous of my brother and mom's ability to sweat so little over newspaper crosswords, so I never really tried my hand at them. Miss D has shown me the joy, though, and now I look forward to the newspaper more than ever! I have also been informed that the crossword puzzle is a good cure for insomnia, so I keep a copy by my bedside just in case.

I miss Sam so much. I have all of his cards he's sent on my wall. "What is a boxer's favorite drink?"*

That's all for today, cheers,

*first person to email me the correct answer gets a souvenir from Mama Afrika.


  1. You, Mr. Strange, are a cheater! You beat me at "family feud" and now Sam's jokes. I will get you, Mr. Strange. You just wait and see!

  2. Mr. Strange. You did not phrase your answer in the form of a question. This IS Jeopardy, you know.

  3. I said EMAIL, Mr. Strange! Sigh. Don't you ever listen??

  4. p.s. Doesn't that cat have a funny grumpy face?? I just laugh every time I look at it.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry. Maybe if you put the instructions within a mile of the assignment I would have followed them. *sigh* sorry for the Teacher talk. Do I still get the souvenir?


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