05 April 2011

Garden Route

My adventures on the Garden Route were some of the best times I've had thus far. I met so many great people and had so many memorable moments. Here are some photos- they speak for themselves!

The Baz Bus, method of travel during the week!Buffalo Bay

Wakeboarding in Knysna Lagoon!

Hiking the Knysna Heads

Tom and Robyn looking on as Oli helps Jean down

Knysna Waterfront

Female serval in Tenikwa Wildcat Center

Femke and I

Cheetahs cuddling! I was tempted to join them.

"Peter" and I at the Tube 'n Axe in Storm's River

Nice German girls- born in South Africa, moved to Germany, now back again
Robyn and Noma in the township club
Femke and an admirer

Vibrant grasshopper in Storm's River

Getting geared to zipline! Naomi, Robyn, Noma, me, and Femke

Little garden in S River

Home of the highest bungy in the world!

On the way home

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, Bonnie. They are beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful time on the trip. I'm sure it was worth the money spent!


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