08 April 2011

Saturday's just a day away

This morning found me waking up from a dream about Miss Halcombe, a character from "The Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins. I have been reading the book for about a week now and have made it practice to read from it before I go to sleep every night. It's much more relaxing than doing homework, obviously, but occasionally I find myself in my dreams furthering the end of the chapter I read previously. It's a bit confusing, actually, because when I take up the book again I always feel like I am starting behind what I've actually already read.
Anyway. I have had a rather rough go of it while trying to finish two papers that were due this weekend. For some unaccountable reason I've been writing and processing my thoughts much slower than normal, which is both frustrating and tiresome. I wrote all day Wednesday, I wrote all day Thursday, and I wrote this morning, and now when I leave here and go home again I shall write some more. I will have to turn in both papers a day late, but my professors are just going to have to be patient and trust that the end result will merit my slowness. Especially since I am now at a point where I finally feel as though I understand exactly what I am trying to say in each of these papers, I don't mind a low opinion of myself from the professors because I am pretty sure that I will be forgiven when they see that my slowness was not because of apathy, but rather because my brain just took a little longer to crank a good idea out. At least, that is what I am hoping will be the case. I am not in possession of the same charms that has my brother Teddy on the good side of his professors, but I can at least be diligent and show it, charm or no.
I took a break from writing the papers* and walked to Clicks beauty store to buy hair color. It's been since January since I've colored my hair. I was pretty ok with not coloring it at all until I got home in June, but you know, there comes a time when you know you just don't look your best and you actually care about it. The dangerous part is that I am coloring it myself. Those who know me well tremble with me. We shall see how it turns out, and I will post a picture as soon as I can to prove that it was a 1)success 2)disaster.
Tonight I am hoping to meet up with some people I met last week on the G-Route, but who knows what will happen. Tomorrow I will most likely write, go to the craft market, eat, eat some more, and then go to rugby. Sounds like a plan, eh? A day I am definitely looking forward to.
Jorge leaves us this Sunday. We are all sad, because a month is just enough time to get to know the surface of a person. We began to know Jorge just a little, and he is such a nice, solid, funny guy that we all loathe to see him go...and miss the chance of getting to know him still more!
That's all for today, wish me a good weekend and I will do the same for you.

*my papers are on Mourning Apartheid through Contemporary Art and The Doctrine of Poetic Impersonality Adopted by T.S. Eliot. These aren't necessarily my titles, just the basic topics. Woohoo! They are pretty interesting, I think.

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  1. Your hair colorist did indeed tremble when she read this post! She is very, very nervous.


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