03 May 2011

Belated Birthday post

My cupcakes came out of the oven wonderfully flat yet tasty. They were the cause of mush laughter once Jenny came in and saw them. Sigh. I can never get it right.
Me, Jenny, Jorge, and Andy. Jenny, Jorge, and I aren't too photogenic, I'm afraid. Andy gets by alright.
Rachel made a wonderful robot cake for me! It was so cute- and it was my favorite kind: carrot cake!

This is the famous Pooh. The one who barfed on my floor what seems like so many months ago. He and I have become friends, though, and he allows me to employ him as a fuzzy footrest when reading.

These are pretty much the only pictures I've taken. I think Jorge took some more, but I will have to dig them up. Oh well. This year's birthday was pretty much the best thing ever! I seriously believe that all birthdays henceforth will just go downhill from here.

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  1. Jenny is EXACTLY what I pictured her to look like. The only thing missing is the pair of glasses sitting atop her nose. That's so very, very, very weird!
    Guess what? I got my AT&T phone bill today. Our birthday call to you only cost us $300.00 USD! I thought I would faint when I saw the amount. Oh well, it was worth it!


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