03 May 2011

Picture, pictures, pictures.

This is Cookie and Dan. This was Dan's first night to hang out with us, and I think we may have scared him away. Shame, he was a nice guy. They are playing with Gianni's cane. Gianni was someone else who came along to Zula with us and he has a broken foot.

Me, Cookie, and our friend Coolia. I am calling her Coolia because she is really cool. Her name is not really Coolia, though. Just in case you wondered.

Femke and her friend Michelle (I am pretty sure that was her name...). We literally bumped in to one another while walking opposite directions on Long Street. If you don't remember, Femke is the totally awesome Dutch girl I hung out with on the Garden Route. She ended up in C-town for a few days and I was super glad to see her for a few minutes. I unfortunately lost my wallet that night, so the next week was pretty low-key for me, so Femke and I didn't get much chance to hang out later.

This is Ruth, a smart British girl who was staying with Cookie's host family for a bit while she was here in Cape Town doing volunteer work. She was full of life and added a factor of cuteness to our little V and A Waterfront adventure band.

The Waterfront

The V&A Ferris Wheel! I didn't ride it.

Ruth, in the usual confused European way, thought the mannequins were real and tried to politely introduce herself. Needless to say, they all lined up to meet her.

Meanwhile, Erica met some really nice people with abnormally large heads.

Silly Ruth!

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