09 May 2011

Miss E and Handsomeness

I sat at my computer downloading articles for my research paper and really had to go to the loo. I needed someone to watch my stuff for me while I ran the errand, so I recruited my friend Miss E, seen on the left in the picture below.

When I got back, a Microsoft Word document was in the task bar. I opened it and read this:


By a secret admirer…… "

And that is when my long-held belief was confirmed: that Miss E is one of the coolest people I know.

I have a lot of research to do. My paper is a study of South African mourning through the art of William Kentridge, writing through the lens of Freud's theory on mourning in his essay, "Mourning and Melancholia." There are so many articles on literature analyzing it with Freud's work that it takes hours to read through it all to see if I can use any of it for my paper. I really need to spend more time with it.

And that is why I am writing a blog post!

I went to the rugby game at Newlands this Saturday past. The game was intense and frustrating, the Stormers fumbling in all the wrong places and slacking their defense at the wrong times. They lost, to state the obvious. But as usual, I enjoyed the good rugby game and the good company I was there with.

Sunday was Mother's Day in America as well as South Africa. I spent the day with Jenny. We had fabulous Balti curry chicken and rice and stir-fry for lunch and I made a berry cobbler for dessert. It was a nice afternoon. I spent the rest of the evening reading through more articles I pulled off the internet the day before. I found some really good papers on children's literature and children's lit. illustration. Nothing to do with any of my schoolwork, but I found it highly interesting. I would love to end up writing kid's books forever, but we'll see what "the Big Guy Upstairs" has in mind.

After chatting with my mom and saying goodnight to Jenny, I huddled on the couch wrapped in a blanket and flipping through the tv channels. I came across the movie "Ghost" right in the middle of the best love scene ever. I knew it was a sign for me to watch the rest of the movie. How can you resist "Unchained Melody" playing in the background? Swoon. Patrick Swayze was just one of that type of men who commands you to be attracted to him without even really classifying as "handsome". Some people just have that charm. I think it's better than actually being good-looking. Kind of like Daniel Day Lewis. Not categorically handsome, but highly stricking features make him super attractive. I also think the same thing about Jeff Bridges.

Now that I am on a role, I may as well make a list.

My List of Highly Attractive Actors

1. Gregory Peck

2. Daniel Day-Lewis
3. Paul Newman (only below DDL because I prefer dark hair to blondes)

4. James Dean

5. James Caan

6. Jeff Bridges

7. Al Pacino

NOTE: And when I was 12ish really thought all the band members of Suede were really attractive, but most of all Brett Anderson, the lead singer.

8. Patrick Swayze

9. Andy Garcia

10. Peter Grant of the Stormers (not really an actor but get over it)

I didn't include Marlon Brando because he did not survive the ultimate test of handsomeness- that your looks must age well with you! I did include James Dean because, well, he never really had much of a chance to grow old.
Also, apologies for all of the Godfather cast additions. I didn't do the casting, blame it on Coppola!

The one who wasn't on the list because he transcends the list is none other than my one and only Josh!


  1. HMMMMM, I should proof before I post - I'm thinking faster than I'm typing. Next time maybe I'll make it on your BLOG! You can delete that last post.

  2. I can't believe you did not put Rock Hudson on that list. He was still a handsome guy, although ravaged by the dreaded AIDS virus. What a waste, I say, what a waste.


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