01 June 2011

Bonnie's Favorite Spot in Cape Town

For some reason, this remains my favorite spot in Cape Town. I love stepping out every morning, afternoon, and evening and seeing through the house and tree beyond to the quite majestic glimpse of Table Mountain.


  1. The view at home won't be so nice. You might see Mr. Gene Smith rocking on his porch if you look out the front door. You'll see a bunch of trees if you look out the back. Sorry. Maybe we can move a mountain in before you get home. We'll try but I can't make any promises.

  2. @KW Yes, the mountain may be a bit of a chore but you shouldn't have any trouble getting the plastic furniture, laundry and wooden closest doors.

    @BW, put a Mork & Mindy poster on that fence and there's not a Parisian scene more beautiful. Cheers.

  3. @JR Not closet doors, trellises! Jenny's son is a carpenter. And it's not Paris, it's Cape Town, silly!
    (being deliberately "doff")

    @KW The scene I will leave will be worth the trade for the scene of seeing my family again.
    (aaaaaw! But it's true.)


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