13 July 2011

Chicago Day 2

Tuesday morning was originally set aside as my "run" day, but I kept sleeping and pushed the thought of the fitness room aside. After I finally got up (hey, it was only 8:30!) and showered, my mom and I headed downstairs to our complimentary breakfast at the Chestnut Street Café. Our blonde Lithuanian waitress served us plates of bacon, ham, tomatoes, pancakes, toast, and eggs. Oh...and of course good hot coffee!!

Farmer's Market outside of museum of Contemporary Art

After filling our stomaches with breakfast we headed back upstairs to the room to plot out the course of the day. I got hungry again (story of my life) and ate the rest of the Giordano's pizza that was in the fridge. I was to rue this decision later on because the visit to the art museum was punctuated by groans and gruesome noises from my now-sensitive pizza'd stomach.
When we arrived at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art we were greeted by white tents and cucumber hawkers. Yes, I said cucumber hawkers. The man in the photo above is one such seller. I walked by him four times just so I could get a slice, and ended up buying four whole ones. I ate one today and it was quite refreshing.
There was a tea stand representing Argo Tea. The table served two teas for sampling, Hibiscus and another that was green-tea-colored but not nearly as delicious as green tea. The Hibiscus tea was absolutely wonderful and bursting with ripe-raspberry and hibiscus flavor. Actually I can't say that it did taste like hibiscus, seeing as I've never eaten the flower. Hm.

The Water Works building nearby. Or at least, the old one.

We entered the museum after buying the cucumbers, sipping the tea, pointing at the hippies, and purchasing bags of yummy trail mix.
The museum featured Mark Bradford as it's main artist exhibit, and Mark Bradford's art featured in my brain at the end of the tour as my least favorite body of work viewed at the museum. I just got bored with his stuff. I know it's totally offensive to say that, and I guess I get what he was trying to say, but I just got bored.
I was ecstatic to see that there was a nice Joseph Cornell exhibit going on. I have been fascinated with the idea of boxes and opening boxes and the whole idea of what we choose to see so I've looked at quite a bit of Cornell's stuff. Not exactly the line of idea I am currently following, but one must always study what's been done before!
There was also a neat section that the museum devoted to one artist or group of artists per week to kind of showcase their goods, so to speak. This week was Golden Age. They publish a bunch of awesome material and literature that is definitely worth checking out. My favorite was a book of poetry (?) by a guy named Asher something that I am hoping I can eventually find on the website.
Also, this is interesting.

The sundeck (technically the 18th floor) of the Seneca

After the museum, which did I mention was free on Tuesdays? we went to Moody Bible Institute. If you don't know anything about Moody, go here.
We were led on a tour by a nice guy with an unfortunate sense of style. After hearing my mom's love for the radio station and especially for a certain show, The Chris Fabry show, Jordan (for that was his name) took us through the auditorium and past the school of music to the elevator and up we went to the broadcasting floor where we saw the Chris Fabry show being produced live as we spoke!! Of course, Mr. Fabry does his show live from Arizona, but his whole production team is here in Chicago at Moody. My mom looked through the glass and waved at a girl named Trisha and a guy named Something Something the III. She "knew" them from hearing Mr. Fabry mention them over the air.
Moody Bible Institute is able to provide free tuition for all of it's undergraduates and graduate students due to the donation-based money that rolls into Moody each year. Jordan said that actually the bulk of Moody's financing comes from the 10 buck-a-month pledgers. Interesting to see what your "small" actions can help to build and support!

Moody Church, about a mile down the road from the Institute

After experiencing both the Museum of Contemporary Art and Moody Bible Institute, I was pooped. I blame most of the lack of energy on Mark Bradford. Curse you!

We made our way slowly but mostly surely to our hotel on Chestnut St, stopping by a Walgreens so I could buy my supper - some Lucky Charms and some milk.

My mom and I watched a really cool show that I'd never seen before called "American Pickers" and I knew right away I wanted to be friends with those people.

Then I fell asleep.

End of Day 2.

The John Hancock building, which stand just a few addresses down from us

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