23 July 2011

Mates of State cover Tom Waits

I absolutely adore this song, so I looked up reviews of the album to see if my tastes were on mark. Not quite. Most of the reviews, including by the A.V. Club and Tiny Mixtape, leaned toward the negative. I think when it comes to covers you open yourself alot more to criticism. I have only heard the original of a couple of songs on this Mates of State "Crushes", so what I heard was generally for the first time, completely unbiased.
Of the songs I already knew, I loved their cover of "Son et Lumiere". It was beautiful and brought out the finer melodies of the track. The duo covered a song by my favorite band as well,
"Sleep the Clock Around." This cover was also great, but did not really add any sort of original Mates of State trademark sound. It's just as great listening to the Belle and Sebastian tune, the two not that dissimilar.
I was interested to see that my favorite track on the "Crushes" album was "Long Way Home" by Tom Waits. I should've known it was Waits when I listened closely to the lyrics. I will now have to go and listen to the original.
As much as I hate listening to him, I will admit readily that Tom Waits is a talented dude.
This is all I have for you regarding this album that I am currently listening to, so I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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  1. I thought you spent more than two days in Chicago. I can't seem to find anymore posts about the trip on your blog. Can you tell me where to find that information????


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