11 December 2011

Hipster Christianity

Stumbled across this blog today.

I have heard of the book he wrote called Hipster Christianity, but have not given thought to reading it until I listened to a few interviews with the author, Brett McCracken.

He says that in the book he looks at how the church is attempting to be relevant to today's subculture and discusses the consequences of that.

I am going into this book wondering how critical he is going to be on the American church and it's "dressing up" the Gospel in order to present it as palatable.

I also wonder if he addresses the new "hipster" emphasis on self and self-expression and how that can fit in with Christianity, if it can indeed at all.

I know I have my own opinions regarding the current movement of the worldly/trendy Church, so I look forward to reading the book...

NOTE: On the website http://www.hipsterchristianity.com/quiz.php I got a 76/120. Not too high...while still maintaining a somewhat fashionable hold on myself....

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