14 December 2011

I went to Toys R Us

and that made up the exploration of the day.
Here are some incredible things I found:

My Keepon: a Dancing Yellow Robot.
First of all, while I like the idea of dancing robots, I prefer my robots looking more like the robot in this:

A squishy, organic-looking robot the color of sunshine compels me to say that the "Keepon" should've been named the "Creepon" instead.

How bout Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corner? This had me nearly in tears from an overwhelmance of adorableness.

And what about the incredibly awesome Muppet Whatnot Kit? MAKE YOUR OWN MUPPET!!!!

Those are really the only things that stuck out at the toy store.

Now, at World Market, a few things stood out:

As I figured, they didn't have the only ridiculous item I found in the store online- Marzipan piggies. They looked like whole dead pigs the size of your thumb. It was pretty disgusting, actually.
That completes Sights of the Day!

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