18 February 2012


Since my running partner was out sick, I had to run the 1/2 marathon this morning by myself! Well, if you can call running among hundreds of others down shady paths surrounded by deer and trees "by yourself." I was not planning on listening to my iPod before, so I had not come up with any special playlist for the race. So I plugged in, put my iPod on shuffle, and here below is recorded one of the weirdest song lists I've ever listened to.

Two Birds - Regina Spektor
Names - Mates of State
Beware - The Willowz
Today - The Ponys
Shallow Means, Deep Ends - Cursive
Heavy Weather - No Knife
Disc 1, Track 16 of Assasination Vacation - Sarah Vowell
Twist - Goldfrapp
Blame it on the Sun - Stevie Wonder
What I Could Stand For - Mates of State
Us - Regina Spektor
Can I Live - Jay-Z
Ain't No Nigga - Jay-Z
Revival - The Allman Brothers Band
Bad Diary Days - Pedro the Lion
Warship - The Willowz
Debbie Loves Joey - Helen Love
Straight into a Storm - Deer Tick
Embassy Row - The Broken West
Hello Kitty Menendez - The Mr. T Experience
Never Had Nobody like You - M. Ward
Evil Son - The Willowz
Heartbeats (The Knife) - Jose Gonzalez
Genius Next Door - Regina Spektor
Arming Eritrea - Future of the Left
Secret of the Easy Yoke - Pedro the Lion
Ambuscade - The Broken West
Feel Good, Inc (Gorillaz) - Editors
Friend or Foe - Jay-Z
26 LIVE 2009-03-27 nyctaper - The Mountain Goats
Unfinished Sympathy (Massive Attack) - Tina Turner
Red Sea, Black Sea - Shearwater
Predictable - The Mr. T Experience
Boys Don't Cry (The Cure) - Placebo
Cristalline Green - Goldfrapp
Dear Ghost of Angie Lee - Cub Country
Strict Machine - Goldfrapp
Feelin' It - Jay-Z
Kicker of Elves - Guided by Voices
We Shot the World - The Ponys
Drink Nike - Future of the Left
Where Have all the Rude Boys Gone? - Ted Leo and Rx

I skipped several songs when they seemed too "slow", so some haven't been listed and some that were listed weren't necessarily listened too, at least not for very long. I finished out the race to Ted Leo and set a new PR for myself, so all in all I'd say the tunes were a success!

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