17 February 2012

Poem from Erica

There once was a girl named Bonnie
Who liked her men tall and brawny
She dated a guy
With a Patch on his Eye
Whose name was Freddy McBobby.

"Freddy," she said
And blushed crimson red,
"You really are awfully sweet
But before you,"
she sighed
With a tear in her eye
"I had a love that was true."

"He had curly hair
And a hell of a stare
and he sang without a band...

"Oh No!" Cried Freddy
Getting nervous and sweaty
"Could it be you're leaving me?"

"I'm sorry to say
Bonnie said, turning away
"Josh is coming for me at dawn."
Freddy gasped and fell
But it all ends well
He met a new girl before long.

by: Erica

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